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As the leading manufacturer of wood pellet fuel in New Zealand, Azwood Energy have the expertise and technical capability to ensure your pellets are consistently of high quality no matter what Azwood Energy product you use to heat your home. 
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Wood Pellets - Cost Comparison

Written by Azwood Energy on April 16th, 2019.      0 comments

The Financial Benefits of Wood Pellets - Fuel Price Comparison

Cost of wood pellet vs other energy types

The benefits of using wood pellets can be shown to both society and the environment. Wood pellet fuel can be cheaper and cleaner than using fossil fuels. In the coming years it is predicted fossil fuel prices will increase.
Fuel Cost Assumptions
  • Electricity  24c/kWh
  • Wood Pellets  $0.62/kg
  • Firewood  $75/m3
  • Natural Gas  $12.4c/kWh
  • LPG (45kg bottle)  $2.30/kg + $120 Rental charge
  • LPG (9kg bottle) $3.50/k

Note: Fuel cost can vary greatly depending on location, retailer and plan.

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Energy policy means making tough decisions, weighing costs and benefits and even judging the next turn in the financial road. Pellet Fuel can put New Zealand ahead in all these areas. It will encourage the economic and energy independence of our communities, reduces costs and reduces energy emissions in the process.
  • Cost Effective Energy
  • Cleaner Environment
  • Stronger Economies


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Azwood are working to help New Zealand transition to a lower carbon future by supplying cost-comparative carbon neutral wood fuel as an alternative to fossil fuels.

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