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As the leading manufacturer of wood pellet fuel in New Zealand, Azwood Energy have the expertise and technical capability to ensure your pellets are consistently of high quality no matter what Azwood Energy product you use to heat your home. 
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Why you shouldn't buy damaged pellet fuel bags

Written by Azwood Energy on April 13th, 2022.      0 comments

Firetime® and Onfire® Premium wood pellet fuel are certified to the ENplus A1 standard which ensures the quality of our product from manufacturing and packaging all the way to delivery and in store. This is the highest pellet fuel certification in the world and we have a promise to keep when customers are purchasing our fuel.

Unfortunately, sometimes our bags can get damaged in transit and on the shop floor. But what you do after that is the important part. We want to do our best to inform all stores of the correct procedures but we also want to educate our customers to ensure they know why it is important not to buy damaged pellet fuel bags.


But why is it so important?

  1. We can no longer guarantee the quality - If a rip has occurred and the pellet fuel is put back in the bag, it could be contaminated with foreign objects and will no longer be certified to the ENplus standard.
  2. It could void your pellet fire warranty - If a bag has been ripped open and taped up the pellet fuel is at risk of being contaminated. This could void your pellet fire warranty if problems occur.
  3. There could be moisture damage - Once the bag has been damaged the pellet fuel may have been exposed to moisture and we have no idea of the quality of the products inside


What should the correct process be?

Retail Stores

When accepting in goods from the freight company, be sure to inspect for damage before signing off. If the damage was caused by the freight company you need to sign the POD as damaged and raise a claim with us by contacting Follow the claims process found on your Sales order.

If the damage happens on the shop floor it is important that you do not tape it up and sell it. The product needs to be written off.

Pellet Fire owners

If you see that a bag is damaged do not buy to use in your pellet fire. Instead, let a member of staff know or see how you can repurpose the damaged bags below.


What can we do with the damaged product?

Once the product is compromised we can no longer guarantee the quality meets the ENplus certification or that it has not been contaminated with foreign materials or moisture. This means the product is not fit for pellet fires.

Gift to your local animal rescue

Most animal shelters rely solely on donations and one of their biggest expenses is kitty litter. Pellets are great for kitty litter because of their capacity to absorb liquid.

If your company offers sponsorship or donations to local businesses this is a great way to give back to the community by gifting a product that would otherwise be wasted.

If you are a consumer and there are damaged bags for sale, you can use them at home for your own pets or buy the damaged bags and gift them to your local animal rescue.


Keep them aside as spill kits

Due to pellets ability to absorb, they make great spill kits for oil, grease or any type of large spill that needs to be cleaned up immediately.

We recommend that they be kept aside for situations like these either in-store or kept aside in your garage just in case.


Use as animal bedding

Pellets are 100% natural and safe to use around pets. Although the damaged bags may not be fit for your fire, they will still be a great alternative for animal bedding for the following reasons

  • Highly absorbent
  • Easy to clean up
  • Compostable
  • 100% natural
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