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Healthy Home Series Part 1: Why is ventilation important during winter?

Written by Azwood Energy on June 30th, 2021.      0 comments

Did you know that it is harder to heat damp air than it is to heat dry air?

You may be spending more money than you need on heating your home when it's ventilation that is the issue.

Good ventilation reduces the amount of moisture in your home. This helps keep the family healthy and also makes the home easier to heat.

Reasons good ventilation is important.

To remove condensation.

Condensation occurs in thousands of kiwi homes when the temperature drops inside the house, especially at night-time when the heating is turned off. The air reaches the point where it can no longer hold onto all the moisture and it migrates to the coldest surfaces - windows, walls, and behind furniture. It appears as condensation or the more familiar sight of "crying" windows.

For your home.

Condensation is the most common form of dampness and will eventually lead to mould growth.  If it is left to develop over time then damp patches may start to appear on walls, which means that wallpaper may peel, and in some cases black mould growing where you may not even see it. This leads to musty smells, damage to the fabric of the house and it can even result in health problems.

For your family.

Damp and mouldy conditions can be major triggers for asthma. If a home does not have a ventilation system and humidity is high, this can provide a perfect breeding ground for dust mites. These dust mites thrive in homes that are not effectively ventilated. 

When they encounter the skin or are inhaled, they can cause allergic reactions, resulting in asthma attacks, eczema, watering eyes, itching, sneezing and a runny nose. These issues can be significantly reduced with ventilation.

To heat your home cost-effectively.

As mentioned earlier it takes a lot longer to heat damp air than it does dry air. This means that your pellet fire is working on overdrive to dry the air before it can heat your home.

If your home has ventilation it is reducing the moisture in the air and allows your pellet fire to heat the dry air easily, saving you money and reducing the time it takes to do so.

So in summary, ventilation works in partnership with your pellet fire. Together they provide a warm healthy home for you and your family during winter.  

If you are unable to invest in a ventilation system even just opening your windows every day to let the air circulate can help.


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