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As the leading manufacturer of wood pellet fuel in New Zealand, Azwood Energy have the expertise and technical capability to ensure your pellets are consistently of high quality no matter what Azwood Energy product you use to heat your home. 
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Healthy Homes Part 3: Small things that can make a big difference

Written by Azwood Energy on July 15th, 2021.      0 comments

While there are many expensive solutions to a dry healthy home, we want to look at all the free things you can do to reduce moisture and trap in any natural heat before turning on your pellet fire.

Healthy Home Series Part 2: What temperature is considered healthy?

Written by Azwood Energy on July 12th, 2021.      0 comments

More than one-third of NZ houses contain mould!
No one likes a cold home. But do you know what temperature is considered healthy? Maybe it's time to readjust those thermostats.

Get Pellet Fuel Delivered To Your Door!

Written by Azwood Energy on November 12th, 2020.      0 comments

Great News! Did you know that there are retailers around NZ that offer online ordering and will deliver to your door? Take away the hassle and enjoy the warmth.

Topics: Pellet Fires

How To Choose A Pellet Fire

Written by Azwood Energy on July 15th, 2019.      0 comments

Are you building a new home? At Azwood Energy, we understand it can be a stressful time with numerous decisions to be made, decisions that you will have to live with into the future. Your choice of home heating, particularly, can impact your on-going costs considerably.

A recent study by Consumer New Zealand, found that choosing a pellet fire is a very economical option, producing warmth for between 12 to 26 cents per kilowatt hour, depending on pellet fuel prices. New Zealand’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority’s ENERGYWISE also advise that pellet fires are a very environmentally-friendly and clean heating option.

So what points do you need to bear in mind when deciding to install a pellet fire? Azwood Energy has provided some factors for you to take into account.

Topics: Pellet Fires

All About Pellet Fires - How Does A Pellet Fire Work?

Written by Azwood Energy on July 11th, 2019.      0 comments

With everyone becoming more aware of the environmental issues that are facing our planet, we are trying to hold on to the things we love while still embracing a newer clean green alternative.

I don't know about you, but for me standing in front of a heat pump trying to get warm really doesn't cut the mustard. I like the fact that you are not spending weeks cutting firewood, then stacking and drying, or trying to save enough money to buy wood from a merchant. Still, there is nothing quite like the warmth of a fire to make you feel snug and cosy.

The Benefits of Pellet Fuel

Written by Azwood Energy on April 9th, 2019.      0 comments

Pellet manufacturers take by-products (wood waste) and refine them into pencil sized pellets that are uniform in size, shape, moisture, density and energy content.

Why not simply burn raw biomass? First, the moisture content of pellets is substantially lower (5% to 8% water, compared to 30% to 60% for raw biomass). Less moisture means higher energy values and easier handling.

FAQ's : Frequently Asked Questions About Pellet Fuel

Written by Azwood Energy on April 9th, 2019.      0 comments

We answer many of your frequently asked questions including what are the Pellets made of, how the pellets are made, how long a bag will last, and how much ash do wood pellets leave. 

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