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What is Success Fuel?

Success Fuel® is an operating system, a framework for how like-minded organisations view energy. It is an overarching marketing strategy and an alignment of vision and values.

Success Fuel® is also exclusive to those organisations that have made a series of decisions that have resulted in a positive commitment to their community.

For more information on the Success Fuel® programme, please give Azwood Energy a call directly.
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Logan Park High School: Proud To Be Modelling What They Believe In 

Logan Park High School staff and students are proud to be modelling their values of protecting the environment and what they believe in.

When previously burning fossil fuels, the leadership team acknowledged it didn't represent the school's values so the decision made to use a renewable and sustainable energy source. The decision was a simple yet powerful example that demonstrates to future generations the school's commitment to a greener future. 


Kaiapoi High School: Powered by Sustainable Empowerment

Kaiapoi High School staff and students give an insight into their sustainable practices, and how they're embraced throughout the school.

Principal Bruce Kearney believes Azwood Energy's Sucessfuel programme is part of the school's sustainable culture which is built from the 'bottom up'.

"It's this empowerment which leaves a long-term positive change for future generations."


Nayland College, Fueling A Sustainable Future

Nayland College has a strong focus on sustainability, led by their student group called NEST. This video explores the way in which Nayland College look to improve their environment and offer future-focused learning inside the classroom.

Nayland College are active members of the Success Fuel programme, and Principal Daniel Wilson has this to say.

"The Success Fuel programme run by Azwood Energy exceeded our expectations.

It is a value-added marketing programme which required minimal effort from the school itself and created many benefits. The video media production that was provided by Jonathan and his team was incredibly professional, and provides a great marketing tool for the school going forward.

Nayland College students are enthusiastic and passionate about celebrating and promoting sustainability particularly in our local community and participating in the Success Fuel programme provided another great means to express their environmental care.

Nayland College was happy to take part and Azwood Energy’s vision of celebrating sustainable decisions made in our community through Success Fuel.

If you have any questions with regards to this reference please do not hesitate to contact me." - Daniel Wilson, Principal.


Golden Bay High School Discuss Their Heat Energy Process.

Golden Bay, is one of the most idyllic areas of New Zealand, with a strong sense of community and care for their pristine environment. Golden Bay High School closely reflects the values of their community, and as we find out from local caretaker Phil Rawiri it is a combined effort that will shape our future. 

"I think we are doing a good thing for the youth of today. It makes you feel good inside. Ife we look after this place, we'll be here for a while. But we do have to do our bit." - Phil Rawiri, caretaker. 

No More Coal Smoke On The Water

Nelson City Council and CLM Fitness are responsible for the Nayland Park Pool complex. Both organisations - one from the private sector and the other local government - come together to celebrate Nayland pool's carbon neutral, renewable energy.

"With the coal, you could see big smoke coming out of the flumes. We used to get a layer of smoke across the pool, so it wasn't very nice to breathe. We have really noticed a difference in that with the wood." - Dave McKenzie, facility manager. 

Why Is Wood Energy Carbon Neutral?

This animated video explains in simple terms the concept of a carbon neutral cycle over the lifetime of a tree. It looks at why fossil fuels contribute heavily to increased carbon emissions, and it also looks at how burning wood residues can help to create a carbon negative cycle.

Energy Grows on Trees - A Short Film by Liam Bennet

Liam Bennet of Christchurch gives an insight into Azwood Energy's wood pellets which fuels his school's heating system.
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Azwood are working to help New Zealand transition to a lower carbon future by supplying cost-comparative carbon neutral wood fuel as an alternative to fossil fuels.

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