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A comprehensive guide 

This Market Guide is intended to address some of the concerns and barriers to the uptake of wood energy for process heat in New Zealand, and to provide detail on best practice in the industry – to a globally recognised standard.

It is intended as a guide for consultants, energy managers, energy professionals, facilities managers, sustainability managers, local government and central government with an interest in renewable low-emission fuels.

This document draws on the experience of 18 years in biomass recovery, processing, testing, delivery and commercial supply. This is a guide created with some practical authority.
Commentary is made on matters of industry challenges, these have been formed with our discussions with clients, association bodies and policy makers over the years.
This document is intended as a guide, where every potential wood energy instillation is situational, and will have its own challenges and opportunities. This guide may prove valuable for general information and feasibility studies.

New Zealand's unique situation 

The biomass industry in New Zealand is unique. Overseas the biomass market is based on huge exports of biomass (mainly from North America to Europe) and forests are clear-felled (cut down) specifically to produce biomass.

In New Zealand we do things a little differently. Our biomass is sourced from by-products of forestry and the wood processing sectors, as well as landfill diverted untreated commercial and urban waste. This resourceful use of waste products allows for the majority of a tree's carbon to be locked away in timber products for building, and the residues to be available as a low-emission, renewable alternative to fossil fuels.  

Solution-focused discussion

This guide can provide a high-level understanding of the market, though every wood energy project, option or feasibility study will have different inputs, from the wood energy specified to the in-feed systems and transport considerations. For more detailed assessments and supply advice. Contact a certified, experienced wood energy supplier.
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Azwood are working to help New Zealand transition to a lower carbon future by supplying cost-comparative carbon neutral wood fuel as an alternative to fossil fuels.

Azwood have been in the energy sector for 38 years. Our main products are biomass hog fuel, wood energy chip and wood pellet fuel (industry and retail).
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