How a Pellet Fire works.

Ever Wondered How a Pellet Fire Actually Works?

Here is a basic diagram of the mechanics inside a working pellet fire.
how a pellet fire works



The pellets are loaded into the hopper, which is located either on the top or the bottom of the unit.

The auger, which is like a long screw, is a motorised device that delivers the pellets from the hopper into the burn pot. The auger's speed determines the temperature of the stove.

Air from the room is drawn in through a built-in fan and transferred through the heating chamber. The hot air is then distributed into your room.

Burn Pot:
The burn pot, which is housed in the combustion chamber, is then ignited. The burn pot is like the carburettor for the stove, mixing the air and fuel to create combustion, which is simply put, is the process of burning.

Ash Pan
The ashes from the burnt pellets are captured in ash pot, which needs to be cleaned periodically.


Heat-Exchange Tubes
Send air heated by fire into the room.

Stores pellets to be burned.

Convection Fan
Circulates air through heat-exchange tubes into the room.

Burn Pot
Holds pellets for combustion.

Feeds pellets from the hopper to burn pot, where they are ignited.

Collects remain of unburned pellets.

Allows room air to be pulled in by convection fan.

Intake Vent
Pulls outside air into the burn pot.

Exhaust Vent
Takes away combustion gases (Foul air).

Combustion Fan
Pulls in outdoor air and exhausts gases.


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