Why ENplus A1® Is The Best

Why ENplus® A1 Is The Best

Not all fuel for pellet fires is of the same quality. With different standards used in the market, it can be difficult to make comparisons. This article explores the differences in pellet fuel standards, and what those variations mean for you, the consumer, so you can make an informed choice when purchasing pellets.


Why have pellet fuel standards?

Standards and certifications for pellet fuel provide guidance as to quality. Their use provides a short-cut which saves you time and energy checking product specifications against standards required for optimal use of your pellet fuel appliance. However, there are several standards used in the marketing of pellet fuel in New Zealand, so what are the practical differences between them?


Standards in use currently

DINplus certification is based on a German standard of wood fuel production which is valid for a period of five years.

The ENplus® standard refers to the European Norm. ENplus® is the world-leading certification scheme for wood pellet quality, produced and traded by nearly 900 companies from over 45 countries. The ENplus® A1 certification is the highest rating obtainable for pellet fuel.


ENplus® certification

The ENplus® certification process to which Azwood Energy ascribes guarantees the quality of its wood pellets to an international standard - a standard that no other New Zealand wood pellet manufacturer can boast.

In order to obtain such a certification, compliance with a stringent list of standards for pellets are enforced by a network of auditors who guarantee the consistent quality of pellets with an annual inspections and quality follow-ups.

To find out more about how Azwood Energy attained this standard watch ENplus®- accredited auditor, Chris Wiberg, from Biomass Energy Labs in the United States, discuss the process he says “ … gives the consumer confidence that the product was made under a stringent quality standard”

What is the ENplus® A1 difference?

This certification denotes that wood pellets are tested and meet a variety of technical specifications. These include set length and diameter but, more importantly for the pellet user, the pellets are assessed for mechanical durability, percentage of fines and bulk density. Pellets are tested for ash and moisture content, which must fall within set parameters. Pellets’ calorific values are monitored, as are the percentage of additives they contain.


So What Difference Does This Rating Make To You, The Consumer?



ENplus® A1-certified pellets stand well above all others, particularly, in their durability, which means, in practical terms, they are more robust through packaging, handling and transportation, producing fewer fines. Too many fines in pellet fuel can compact around the pellet fire’s fuel- feed augur, reducing pellet flow and causing malfunction requiring expensive repair. Excessive fines can also cause overheating and dirtying of the appliance.

Compared to other brands, ENplus® A1-certified pellets are guaranteed to produce fewer fines, creating a safer, cleaner, thorough and better burn.


Supply-chain assurance

Also setting the ENplus® scheme apart is that it systematically certifies the entire supply-chain from early production to end-of-delivery. Other pellet fuel standards only relate to product manufacture.

For all its pellet fuel production, Azwood Energy has implemented the ENplus® Quality Management System, which ensures the entire supply-chain meets the rigorous international standard. With ENplus® A1 certification, all staff along the supply-chain follow detailed guidelines and receive dedicated training to ensure top quality in the pellet fuel they deliver for your use.


Compliance with pellet fire manufacturers’ stipulations

Some manufacturers of pellet fires stipulate use of ENplus® A1-certifed pellets, only, in their appliances.

Choosing ENplus® A1-certifed pellets means your pellet fire appliance operates at its optimum performance level and allows you peace of mind by ensuring your warranties remain valid.

Azwood Energy - New Zealand’s only ENplus® A1-accredited pellet manufacturer.

Azwood Energy is the first and only pellet manufacturer in New Zealand to be certified to this international standard. This standard sets Azwood Energy’s pellets above all others.

When deciding on your pellet fuel choice this winter, choose quality, choose reliability, choose safety, choose peace of mind: choose Azwood Energy’s ENplus® A1 pellets.



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