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Specifications, Standards and Quality Control on Wood Pellets
Pellets are made from virgin sawdust & wood left over from timber processing, which is then especially dried and compacted to form small, different size cylinders, The bonding capacity of lignin, a substance that occurs naturally in wood, means that no other additive needs to be used, and so a natural, ecological, high-yield fuel is obtained.


Azwood Pellet Fuel Safety Data Sheet (SDS) 

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Standard for Azwood Wood Pellets
Size (Diameter)
Length <6 x dia mm
Moisture Content < 8%
Calorific Value > 17mj/kg
Bulk Density >650kg/m3
Ash Content <1%
Raw Material Pinus Radiata & Douglas Fir

No treated Material Wood.

Wood pellet fuel certification
Azwood Energy produces fuel to the specification shown above which meets the industry guidelines (Technical Guide 1: Solid Biofuel Classification Guidelines)* for Grade A1 Premium wood pellet fuel. As a Bioenergy Association Accredited Wood Fuel Supplier Azwood Energy regularly provides test results to the Association Accreditation Administer demonstrating our adherence to the TG1 standards. The fuel testing follows the quality assurance regime which has been reviewed by the Association Accreditation Assessor and considered to meet best practice. In addition and annually Azwood Energy certifies to the Bioenergy Association Accreditation Administrator that wood fuel is being produced to meet TG1.

An important attribute about wood pellets is that they are consistently produced to specification, and with certification from Azwood Energy’s senior management, the customer can have confidence that every bag of pellets is homogenous and the same. This ensures that the equipment used to combust the pellets for the production of heat will always perform as required, according to the equipment settings.
* TG1 is currently being reviewed and Azwood Energy is following the revision draft currently published on the Bioenergy Association website

Top quality pellets vary colours and lengths

Wood Pellet Colour

When looking at different fuels, you may notice there are many different colours of pellets. Pellets vary in colour depending of the in feed material at the time. Colour has very little to do with quality or density, it is just a visual.

Wood Pellet Length

From season to season or brand to brand, its very likely that the pellets you buy could be shorter or longer in length on average. This is very normal. There are several variables that determine the length of a pellet during manufacturing and any one of them could be different from brand to brand or season to season.

How does this effect burn? Longer pellets will feed less fuel into the fire with the rotations of the auger than shorter pellets. If everything else in the pellet fire stays the same, and the only difference in the fuel is pellet length, the shorter pellets will provide more fuel to the fire than the longer pellets.

You may need to reduce the feed rate or increase air flow through the fire to maintain the correct fuel to air ratio. If you don't you could have incomplete combustion, leading to more ash, black glass, a lazy fire or lower combustion and heat.

Wood Pellet Density

If you have two brands of pellets and stack 10 bags of one brand next to 10 bags of the other brand you may notice one stack is higher? The taller stack is the less dense pellet. Being less dense isn't bad, but it does change the fuel-to-air ratio in the pellet fire.

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Azwood are working to help New Zealand transition to a lower carbon future by supplying cost-comparative carbon neutral wood fuel as an alternative to fossil fuels.

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