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How-to Guide: Choosing a Pellet Fire
Are you building a new home? At Azwood Energy, we understand it can be a stressful time with numerous decisions to be made, decisions that you will have to live with into the future. Your choice of home heating, particularly, can impact your on-going costs considerably. Click here for more details.

Carbon Kiwis Beat Firewood Shortage with Azwood Pellets
Recent news stories have highlighted the nationwide shortage of firewood, with regions such as Christchurch, Taranaki, Bay of Plenty and Wellington being particularly hard hit. Click here for more details.

Carbon Neutral Bio-mass
It's very simple to understand that coal, gas and diesel are high-carbon emitting pollutants - but why is forest biomass used to produce wood energy considered carbon neutral. Click here for more details.

The Launch of Eco Pellets
Currently, the only way to purchase pellet fuel (a natural, low emission product) is in large plastic bags that many councils won’t accept in a recycling bin. With the bags from all pellet producers potentially totalling 1 million large bags per year – Azwood Energy moved to reduce the environmental impact by giving customers a recyclable, biodegradable option. Click here for more details.

The Hard Truth of Soft Plastics
Recently at Azwood Energy, we received feedback from some of our pellet fuel customers enquiring whether their wood fuel pellet bags were recyclable. This prompted Azwood to look into this issue furtherClick here for more details.

Azwood Hits 65% Growth Through Strategic Recruitment
Ben Crawford reveals why the former plant manager at Fonterra’s Canpac shifted his family of four across New Zealand to join Azwood Energy as one of 15 newly created strategic roles in the Nelson-based renewable energy organisation. Click here to read more.

Banking on Biofuel
A shift from coal to efficient use of wood scraps has put a family-owned Nelson biofuel company at the top of the heap in the renewable energy market. Azwood Energy has been in the energy supply game for 38 years after starting out as a coal supplier before turning to wood energy 13 years ago to meet the growing trend towards reducing carbon footprints and improving air quality. Read The Nelson Mail story here.

Azwood Energy Adopts Leading Production Efficiency Measure
As Azwood Energy has grown the scale of their wood fuel supply, the business has been adopting production and plant efficiency measures. The new measures engage the fuel production staff and helps them to easily identify opportunities to improve efficiency in the manufacturing process, enhancing reliability of fuel supply to consumers. Click here for details

Brook Brewerton Appointed as Azwood Energy General Manager
Azwood Energy announces the appointment of Brook Brewerton as General Manager in a leadership restructure, following key personnel acquisitions in key areas of the business. New Zealand’s wood energy supplier of Biomass Hog Fuel, wood chip and wood pellet fuel have a new board structure, welcoming an external advisory board to the fold. Former General Manager Alan Hinton moves to a senior in-house advisory role, Ferg Brewerton is Chief Executive Officer and Ben Homan moves into the role of Sales Manager. Click here for details.

Azwood Energy, Celebrating 40 Years of Operation
We believe in being resourceful and making the most of what we have been given.
This simple statement “our why” has driven our business for 40 years. It’s the reason we clean-up forestry sites to reduce erosion and use the residue to replace coal in huge boiler systems. And the reason we produce wood chip from logs to help reduce emissions in our communities. Click here for more details.

If Energy Grew on Trees
It is always refreshing when structures and processes work as they were designed to. It’s an absolute triumph when it involves the public sector, an industry body and business. To their credit, this was our recent experience with the Productivity Commission. 
Click here for more details.


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Azwood are working to help New Zealand transition to a lower carbon future by supplying cost-comparative carbon neutral wood fuel as an alternative to fossil fuels.

Azwood have been in the energy sector for 38 years. Our main products are biomass hog fuel, wood energy chip and wood pellet fuel (industry and retail).
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